What is takes to do Facebook Marketing in 2022

1.Facebook ID means personal ID
2. Facebook Page
3. Facebook Group

Facebook ID:
You need a Facebook ID, because with that you will open pages, groups. If you want to share from page or group to any other page or group, you have to do it from your personal account. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

Facebook Page: 
Facebook page can be called official page. For example, suppose your product is clothes etc. Then you have to create a page with its name, then you will market your product through that page.

Such as:
Upload a picture of your product
Dubbin gave a kind of useful post
Add paid to your product post
Arranged the content, etc., but all the posts that go here will go in the name of your page, not in the name of any personal ID.

Facebook Group: 
There are different types of Facebook group, public, close, secret, but public group is more popular. Not everyone does it for marketing either. The difference between a page or a group is that the page is posted only in the name of the page, anyone can post in the group including admin, moderator. However, in most cases the admin or moderator of the group is needed.

If there is no good system, the environment of the group can be ruined due to many counter posters. You can create a large community through groups, then you can market your product.

Marketing means that you have to go to a place where there are people. And if there is a crowd of people on your Facebook ID, page group, then why not do marketing.

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