Types Of Facebook Marketing

First you have to know How or why can start Facebook Marketing then must you have to mind it
1.Organic Marketing: 
Organic Marketing Or Free Marketing, Think About It When you post a post on your own timeline, you get likes, comments, shares, do you have to pay with ads? It doesn't cost money there. This is what we call organic marketing. When you post a post on your Facebook page or group, many fans of that page or group members will see your post, like it, comment on it, share your post with the groom.

2. Paid Marketing: 
Now the point is, if everyone likes, comments, shares with organic marketing, then what is the need to do paid marketing? One of the two things you need to know is when you are posting on a post page or in a group but not looking at your post on that page. 8-9% fans or members may see your post. 

Another reason for paid marketing is that your page has very few fans or group members, so if you don't do paid marketing then how will people see your post? So the importance of paid marketing is the most. Facebook also gives more importance to it. For example, you can add ads on Facebook by setting your age or daughter, location, interest, etc. according to your needs.

You can also find out the countries where you can reach your ad.

Large Facebook pages can be targeted according to your product or service, so your ad will only reach the fans of those pages.
If you have a website with a pixel system, your website visitors will be able to see your Facebook ad regularly in their timeline.
Understand the benefits of paid marketing, as well as organic marketing.

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