How to get Facebook Disable ID back in 2022

Ways to Recover Facebook Disabled ID - Friends Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. It goes without saying that there are no people who do not use Facebook at present. (my personal Facebook account was disabled)
Facebook wizards are increasing day by day in big countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. At the same time, the number of fake accounts is increasing day by day.
And because of this fake account, thousands of Facebook IDs are being disabled every day. Now if your Facebook ID is disabled then think about it because, through today's article I will tell you the way to get back Facebook Disable ID.
Honestly, it is very difficult to get your Facebook ID back when it is disabled. If you see anything suspicious in your Facebook account then that account is disabled.

For this reason, even though many people do not have a fake account, the original account ID is becoming disabled due to this problem. They are facing many problems to recover this ID.
What causes Facebook ID to be disabled: I mentioned earlier that Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform in the world. They sometimes disable our Facebook IDs for various reasons.

Some of these factors include creating fake accounts, promoting hot crimes, violating Facebook privacy (community standards), disabling Facebook IDs for a variety of reasons, including posting pornographic content when someone else reports to your account.

When our IDs are disabled, we assume that the ID has been disabled for the rest of our lives, but that is not the case.
Ways to get back Facebook Disable ID | Disable ID back:
If your Facebook ID is disabled due to any report or security then you will see this article Your Account Has Been Disabled as soon as you login.

Your Account Has Been Disabled
Here you need to verify your disabled Facebook account with email address, mobile number, full name and national identity card (nid) card.

For this you need to fill a form and apply. If you click on this link to get the form, you will see an application form like the picture below.

In the first box, enter the login email address or mobile phone number. (Means opening your Facebook with the email id or phone number).

In the second box you have to give your full name (give the full name of Facebook).

In the third box you have to give your id card (here you can give any one of National ID card, passport, driving license etc.).

Now click on the send button below.

You can apply within 30 days of your Facebook account being disabled.

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