How to create a blog with blogger in 2022

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to create a blog with blogger in 2022. We have heard from many places that you can make money by creating a blog but you have never created a blog yourself. In fact, it is very easy to create a blog, but it is difficult to continue in the right way. Today I will teach you how to create a blog. You can read this article if you want How to clean up a computer to run faster.

What are the requirements for creating a blog?

Blogs are usually created in two ways. At first, we can create a blog without any cost. Another way is by buying a domain and hosting, but today I will teach you how to create a blog with blogger in 2022 without any cost so no cost is required, when you have your site and you will start earning from it, it will be convenient for you to create a blog by spending some money, And first of all, creating a blog without any cost will be beneficial for you.

How to create a blog with blogger

Blogger is Google’s own blogging platform where you can create your own blog for free, millions of people create blogs using Google’s Blogger. Creating a blog requires domain and hosting and Blogger gives us unlimited hosting as well as a subdomain that we can use to make our blog free so everyone prefers to use this Blogger platform.

Here are the rules for opening a blog on Blogger.

  • To open a blog on Blogger, first search “Blogger” on Google and open the first site.
  • After entering you will see an article in the middle where it says “Create Your Blog” and there you will be asked for your Google account, click on the account you want to open.
How to create a blog with blogger in 2022
  • After selecting your account you have to give a title for your blog.
How to create a blog with blogger in 2022
  • After selecting the right title for your site, you will need to enter a keyword for the subdomain of your site.
  • Then you will be taken to the dashboard of your Blogger platform and here you need to upload a theme.
  • You can upload a theme of your choice by selecting the theme option from the menu of the left site. Or if you have a custom theme xml file, you can upload your file in the restore option by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the customized text.
How to create a blog with blogger in 2022
  • Now you can write your own blog posts by clicking on New Post from the menu on the left, and you will be recognized as a successful blogger with good writing skills.

Why Blogger?

We have learned from all the above information how to create a blog with blogger, but now many may ask why we use blogger? We can start our blogging journey through many platforms if we want. There are many reasons to use Blogger, some of which are Unlimited Hosting and Unlimited Google Security. By now you may understand why people use so much, because it is Google’s own platform so there is no fear of site hacking and Blogger’s UI is much simpler, that anyone can make their blog without any knowledge. There are many reasons why blogger is the most popular way to create a blog today.
So in my opinion, if you do not have enough money to invest, then you can create your own blogging career by creating a blog using Blogger.

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