Facebook is Creating an Alternative Dating site for Tinder in 2022

People are busy now. Many people are looking for online dating or romance. That's it
 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows best. Will he give up this opportunity?
Facebook is walking that way. Zuckerberg said that a dating site will be available from Facebook soon.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that 2018 is going to be a special year for them. Among the new services being launched for users this year is a dating service to find a partner.

Facebook, however, is facing a lot of criticism about Cambridge Analytica. Desperate to restore confidence in users. Apart from this, there are rumors that young people are turning away from Facebook. Zuckerberg therefore wants to prevent unaccompanied people. That's why Tinder's rival is going to create a dating site. Facebook will not let anyone grow!
Zuckerberg appeared at Facebook's annual event in San Jose, California, on Tuesday.
At the conference of developers named F7, he talked about creating dating services with the announcement of several new products. Announcing the launch of the new service at a conference in California, Zuckerberg said: There users will be able to send messages to each other. '
Zuckerberg said, "Facebook has 200 million users who refer to themselves as single or without a partner. Now if we can build a successful relationship for them, it will make sense for everyone. "

Shares of dating group Match Group have fallen 22 percent since Zuckerberg's announcement. The company owns the popular dating app Tinder, which basically collects information from Facebook profiles. Zuckerberg says their main goal is to build lasting relationships between Facebook members. This new feature excludes people from the current friends list.
Facebook Dating Website
Facebook has been criticized for misusing personal information. However, Zuckerberg has announced that this will not happen again. He also said that there are several steps to be taken to prevent this. Now Facebook users can find out which third party websites and apps are collecting information from their profiles. Information about themselves can be deleted. In the future, Facebook will stop giving personal details in their profiles.

He also announced some new features for Facebook. This includes adding video chats and augmented reality filters to Instagram. Group video chat system will also come on WhatsApp.

Recently, Facebook users saw a new message after posting a new post, asking if it was a hate speech. It is even written below Zuckerberg's statement. However, Facebook has not yet given any details about this. References: BBC Online.

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