What is Facebook Marketing in 2022

What is Facebook Marketing?  Become the boss of digital marketing in 2022
Facebook Marketing: After giving a post, some questions came up, what is Facebook marketing? I don't think there will be such a basic level question, but I should think what is Facebook marketing: Become the boss of digital marketing Was mine Because most people are new and don't know what Facebook marketing is, they have to think like this.
What is Facebook Marketing? If I think in a simple way, then I will compare it with normal marketing. Then it will be useful for you to understand. You see posters in different places, you see leaflets being distributed, there is making on different products or services, people from different offices come to different offices and offer them services etc. These are all marketing or promotion of your own company. But these are what we call offline marketing, which is what a person is looking for.

Now what if it could be done in a way that people could easily see or know? This is where the work of online marketing, the work of Facebook marketing started. The amount of money, labor, etc. that you spend on putting up posters is much less money, you can do it on Facebook with much less effort. If you put up a poster with 5000 rupees and spend the same amount of money on how many people you can show your ad to, you can see a lot more people than if you give a Facebook add.

We basically do marketing in a place where people travel a lot, isn't it? Would it be great to have 10 posters in a very secluded place? So you will see that posters, leaflets etc. are put up or given in places where there are a lot of people. Now think of you online.

Think of Facebook. Where you can find more people at a street corner or on Facebook. At a street corner you will find people of your choice age, country, area. I don't think you will get it, but you will get it on Facebook. I don't think there is anything more to say about the necessity of Facebook marketing.

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